About the Course/Course Objective

The course covers the following aspects:
• Accounting voucher entries including voucher configuration and setup
• Inventory setup and advanced inventory configuration
• Concepts and applications of VAT, Service Tax, TDS, TCS and Excise
• Advanced accounting transaction recording, inclusive of Industrial Accounting, Indirect Taxation and various statutory forms for tax filing requirements
• Payroll management and transactions
• Report generation and Financial Analysis
• Application of all the above aspects in Tally



Creating Group,
Entry of Registration Fees,
Activation of Service Tax,
Provision and Depreciation Entries,
Pass the Transaction,
Create Units of Measure,
Activation of Interest Calculation,
Activation of CST,
Multiple level pricing,
Interest Calculation,
Simple Interest,
Set up and Configuration

Balance Sheet,
Credit sales Entry,
Create Sales Excise Voucher,
Ledger Creation,
Create Stock Go-down,
Checking Order,
Create Stock Item,
Voucher Creation,
Cost Centre Creation
Detailed Syllabus:

1. Advanced Accounting

.Cost centers and cost categories
.Cost center class
.Budgets & controls
.Variance Analysis
.Ratio Analysis
.Budget & Actual Comparison
.Deviations and how it is derived
.Basic knowledge of std. costing
.Funds Flow
.Cash Flow
.Information regarding TDS
.Reversing and Memorandum JV (Journal Voucher)
2. Advanced Inventory

.Reorder levels
.Pre-closure of orders
.Item cost tracking
.Price level & price list
3. Banking

.Electronic Payments
.Sources of Financing
.Collaterals (Types of Loan)
.Data Required for Financing
.Bank reconciliation
4. Job Costing

.Features of Job Costing
.Recording job costing related transaction
5. Job Work Order

.Voucher Type setup for job work out/in
.Job order processing
6. Advanced Payroll

.Payroll & Statutory Details
.Income Tax
7. GSTR 1, 2, 3B

.Returns summary
.Computation details
.Summary of exceptions
.Table wise GSTR 1, 2, 3B
.Status reconciliation
.HSN summary
.Exporting GSTR 1, 2, 3B
8. Access Controls & Security management
.Enabling Security Control
.Defining Security Level
.Create Users
9. Data Synchronization
.Reports, Types and Trial Balances
10. SMS

11. Control Centre

.Control centre
.Support centre