About the Course/Course Objective

In this course, learner will learn many important things related to accounting in a very simple way. Additionally, Learner will be able to make various reports quickly and precisely. auditors, bankers and for tax related work, Learner can create financial stalk and payroll reports in a least time.

This course will also tell Learner about voucher, currency, inventories, VAT computations, excise reports and will guide Learner to deal with such difficult looking things.

So in personal and professional life, Learner will be able to confidently handle the accounting related responsibilities. This course also teaches about business management and data management in a very easy way.


Software for Hands-on Learning:
.Tally 9.0
.Tally .ERP 9

This course offers the following modules:
1.Introduction to Financial Accounting (Theory)

2.Tally History and Journey (Theory)

3.Introduction to GST (Theory)

4.Tally with GST

5.Financial Accounting Basics (Theory + Practical)

6.Maintaining Company Data

7.Incorporation of various laws under GST (Theory)

8.Creating Masters

9.Voucher Entry

10.Constitutional Amendments in GST (Theory)


12.Economic Survey in regards to GST (GST)



15.Other Scenarios


17.Tally Software Services (TSS)

18.Data Management