3D Modelling

About the Course/Course Objective

3D modelling and animation have transformed numerous fields, including filmmaking, computer games, and architecture and product design. Yet the underlying basis of high-quality 3D production originates in traditional design and animation methodologies. This course provides an introduction to the exciting world of 3D content creation, while emphasizing its connection to the creative thought process. Students will learn an overview of the artist workflow as it relates to modelling, texturing, animation, lighting and rendering. This course offers a new dimension to the process of filmmaking and design.


3D movies, Comprehend CGI, 3d animation process, CG modeler, install Blender, Various parts of blender

Create a toy, create a Coral, create a Chair, create a Chocolate cube, create a Pipe, create a Pillar, create a Ceiling fan, and create a Bullock cart wheel

Detailed Syllabus:

3D Animation

1.Watching 3D movies
2.Entering into CGI industry
3.Beginning with CGI
4.Taking a career path in 3D industry
5.Getting started with 3D software
6.Working with Blender
7.Situation: First model
8.Situation: Coral
9.Situation: Loop cut Rat
10.Situation: N-Gon
11.Situation: Cactus
12.Situation: Pipe
13.Situation: Chocolate cube
14.Situation: Spring
15.Situation: Stone
16.Situation: Pillar
17.Situation: Screw
18.Situation: Top
19.Situation: Temple
20.Situation: Ceiling fan
21.Situation: Rupee
22.Situation: Apple
23.Situation: Bullock cart wheel
24.Situation: Stairs
25.Situation: Football
26.Situation: Monster character
27.Situation: Carom
28.Situation: Soccer net
29.Situation: Flute
30.Adding facial shape keys
31.Situation: Pool table
32.Situation: Couch
33.Situation: Guitar
34.Situation: Balcony
35.Situation: Nomenclature
36.Situation: sculpting human head
37.Situation: Human denture
38.Situation: Retopology
39.Normal map Pineapple man
40.Situation: Watch
41.Situation: Giant wheel
42.Situation: Goggle
43.Delay to send photorealistic image
44.Situation: Bottle
45.Presenting the Model
47.Selling 3D Content
48.The Story of CGI