About the Course/Course Objective

Photoshop is a photo editing and manipulating software used to edit photos, digital drawings and paintings. This course will be a foundation for Career in Digital Arts. After successful completion of the course, the learner can attempt International Certification – Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop.


Adobe Photoshop
Working Place, Customizing, Image and Color Modifications, Case Study - Black & White to Color, Using the Brush and Paint, Working with Selections, Scaling, Knowing the Layers, Filter Gallery, Color Adjustments
Red Eye correction, Photo Collage, Mapping to Object-MUG, T-Shirt Design, Photo Correction, Photo Manipulation, Cleaning Photo

Detailed Syllabus:

Photo Editing
Adobe Photoshop
>Basics of Photoshop
>The Working Place
>Image and Color Modifications
>Using the Brush and Paint
>Working with Selections
>Knowing the Layers
>Getting Creative with Types
>Filter Gallery
>Playing with Palettes
>Color Adjustments
>Web and devices
>Animating and Slicing
>Adobe Bridge