About the Course/Course Objective

Every brand needs their original content and it is always high on their priority list. With the massive amount of available content, it is difficult stand out. Illustrations can help you to make it possible. With illustrations, you can create the image you need. Effective illustrations catch the eye and help to tell a story.


Skills :
The Working Place, Customizing, Tools, Layer And Layer Options, Pen, Pencils and Paths, Using the Brush and Paint, Specialized Tools, Getting Creative with Types, Using the Symbols, Designing Graphics, Effects and Filters, Playing With Palettes Select, View and Object, Automating, Exporting, Web and Devices
Business Card, Labels, Letterhead, Coupon, Identity Card, Jewel Case Design, Book Mark, Sticker, Envelope, Magazine Advertisement

Detailed Syllabus:

Content Illustration
Basics of Illustrator CS4
>Basics of Illustrator CS4
>The Working Place
>Layer And Layer Options
>Pen, Pencils and Paths
>Using the Brush and Paint
>Specialized Tools
>Getting Creative with Types
>Using the Symbols
>Designing Graphics
>Effects and Filters
>Playing With Palettes
>Select, View and Object
>Web and Devices