Network Support

About the Course/Course Objective

Who is an IT Network Support Technician ?

In simple words, IT Network Support Technician is the one who troubleshoots, monitors, maintains the Internet and Intranet connectivity also he/she can monitor and maintain the uptime of various types of Networking Devices such as Routers, Switches, and Hubs.

What does an IT Network Support Technician do?

Using Basic Troubleshooting skills, he/she can identify diagnose and resolve the Basic IT network related problems. He/She can do primary level of fault finding and take necessary actions for IT network related issues. He/She can also perform tasks like assigning IP addresses, monitoring network uptime, crimping of LAN cables, configuring and maintaining Wi-Fi network.


Network Support (Certificate in IT Network Support)

Skills: Basics of Networking, Network Cabling, Basics of IP addressing, Configuring DHCP for Small Network, Troubleshooting of Networks, Configuring Wi-Fi Network

Tools: IT helpdesk, Network monitoring tools, LAN testers, Command line tools, Open source subnet calculators, Network packet analyzers

Detailed Syllabus:

Network Support

Networking Basics
1.Basics of Networking
2.OSI Model
3.TCP/IP Model
4.Reference Link 1
5.OSI/TCP Model
6.Network Protocols

Network Connectivity
1.Network Topology and Network Devices
2.Reference Link
3.Network Cabling
4.Internet Connectivity Types

IP Addressing
1.Basics of IP addressing
2.Classes of IP addresses
3.Difference Between Static and Dynamic IPs
5.Configuring DHCP for Small Network
6.Network Ports
7.Overview of DNS
9.MAC Address Formats
10.Troubleshooting of Networks
11.Network Troubleshooting Tools

Wi-Fi Networks
1.Configuring Wi-Fi Network
2.Wireless Standards