About the Course/Course Objective

Video editing is a process of modifying or rearranging the segments of video from one or more video tapes to create a final piece of video. It also includes editing of soundtracks, video and film, applying colour correction, filters and other enhancements and creating transitions between clips.


Importing and Capturing Footage, Timeline, Sequence and Clip Management, Basic Video Editing, Editing Audio, Mixing and Creating Effects with the Audio Mixer, Creating Transitions, Creating Titles and Graphics, Working with advanced editing techniques, Using Video Effects, Using Color mattes and Backdrops, Enhancing Video, Wrapping Up and Exporting
Video Merging, Advertisement creation, video effects, Creating a Short Film

Detailed Syllabus:

Video Editing
Introduction to Video Editing with Premiere CS4
>Overview of Video Editing
>Uses of Premiere Pro CS4
>Features of Premiere CS4
>Installing Premiere Pro CS4
Introduction to Moviemaking
>Basics of digital video and movie editing
>Comparing camcorder formats
>Understanding video codecs
>Shooting better video
Getting Started with Premiere Pro CS4
>Working with workspace
>Customizing the Workspace in Premiere Pro CS4
>Working with project settings
Importing and Capturing Footage
>Importing files as footage
>Importing stills
>Importing layered Photoshop and Illustrator files
>Dealing with missing media
>Setting up to capture from tape
>Logging Tapes
>Batch-capturing footage
Timeline, Sequence and Clip Management
>Using Multiple Sequences
>Clip Project Management
Basic Video Editing
>Basic Editing Concept and Tools
>Working with Monitor Panels
>Creating Insert and Overlay Edits
>Editing in the Timeline
>Setting In and Out Points in the Timeline Panel
Editing Audio
>What is Audio?
>Timeline Audio Tracks
>Editing Audi
>Recording Audio
>Gaining, Fading and Balancing
>Using Audio Effects and Transitions
Mixing and Creating Effects with the Audio Mixer
>Audio Mixer Overview
>Setting Track Volume & Mixing Tracks
>Panning & Balancing
>Applying effects with Audio Mixer
Creating Transitions
>About Video Transitions (Overview)
>Applying transitions
>Adjusting Transitions
>Customizing Transitions
>Various Transitions Effects
Creating Titles and Graphics
>Using the Titler
>Creating titles from templates
>Modifying a title
>Creating titles from scratch
>Superimposing a title
>Creating a title roll or crawl
Working with advanced editing techniques
>Editing Utilities
>Editing with tool panel tools
>Fine tuning edits using the trim monitor panel
>Editing a Clip Using Clip Commands
Using Video Effects
>Exploring the Video Effects
>Applying a Video Effect
>Using Video Effects with Keyframes
>Superimposing Video Clip Using Keying Video Effect
>Applying effects using Image Matte Keying Effects
>Touring Premiere Pro Video Effects
Using Color mattes and Backdrops
>Mattes, Transparency and Opacity
>Create transparency, solid colors with keys mattes
>Matte other than the alpha channel
>Using more mattes
Creating Motion Effects
>Motion effect controls in Effect Controls Panel
>Working with the Motion Controls
>Using timeline Panel to Preview & add Keyframes
>Editing Motion Paths
>Adding Effects to Motion Paths
>Using a clip with an Alpha Channel
>Creating Traveling Mattes
Enhancing Video
>Understanding video color
>Color Correcting Basics
>Start a Color Correcting Session
>Using the Video Scopes
>Color Enhancement Effects
>Special color and luminance adjustments
>Retouch Using Photoshop and After Effects
Wrapping Up and Exporting
>Preparing to export video
>Exporting to tape
>Exporting to Encore DVD
>Exporting to various formats using Adobe Encoder
>Sharing Your Movies Online