About the Course/Course Objective

A web designer is essentially in a supporting role. He / She is supposed to have sound knowledge of design fundamentals and web production techniques. He / She is involved in the project at every stage, so that he / she understands the whole project cycle.

What does a Web Designer Do?
A web designer performs following functions –
• Assists in project conceptualization
• Creates workflows for developers and clients
• Follows brand identity norms
• Makes effective use of typography and images
• Creates digital advertising assets (like banners, rollovers etc.)

Adobe Photoshop
Working Place, Customizing, Image and Color Modifications, Case Study - Black & White to Color, Using the Brush and Paint, Working with Selections, Scaling, Knowing the Layers, Filter Gallery, Color Adjustments

Web Layout Design, Web Banner, Advertisement, UI Design

Adobe Dreamweaver
Fundamentals of Website Layout, Basics of Internet, Colors in a website, Planning for a website, The working place, HTML5, Meeting the Client, Starting with the website, Inserting Text and Graphics, Working with Tables, Linking Web Pages, Using CSS3, Using Frames, Using sound, flash and video, Using Behaviors, Creating forms, Search Engine Optimization, Testing the Website, Uploading the Website, Designing Templates

Photo Gallery, Anchored Website, Newsletter, CSS, Video Gallery, Mobile Web Page, Enquiry Form, Website Designing, Web newsletter,

Detailed Syllabus:

Web Designing

Adobe Photoshop

Basics of Photoshop
The Working Place
Image and Color Modifications
Using the Brush and Paint
Working with Selection
Knowing the Layers
Getting Creative with Types
Filter Gallery
Playing With Palettes
Color Adjustments
Web and Devices
Animating and Slicing
Adobe Bridge

Adobe Dreamweaver

Basics of Internet
Fundamentals of Website Layout
Colors in a website
Planning for a website
The working place
Basics of HTML
Meeting the Client
Starting with the website
Inserting Text and Graphics
Working with Tables
Linking Web Pages
Using CSS
Using Frames
Using sound, flash and video
Using Behaviors
Creating forms
Search Engine Optimization
Testing the Website
Uploading the Website